What happens to artworks when they become emergent properties of technology, locative media, databases, and frequently stay dormant inside servers as deprecated software, or drown in dead links?

Welcome to The New Art Fest ’18!

The final list of artists included in The New Art Fest’18

Adriana Sá & John Klima
Amit Pitaru
Ana Fonseca
Ana Lima-Netto
Anderson Paiva
André Sier
António Bezerra
Antonio Mendoza
Bill Plympton
Brian Mackern
Catherine D’Ignazio
Channel TWo
Christian Oyarzún
Ciro Múseres
Cory Arcangel
Daniel Garcia
Daniel González Mellado
David Blair
Eduardo Navas
Gary Hill
Gilberto Prado
Giselle Beiguelmann & Lucas Bambozzi
Ideal Spaces Working Group
Irit Batsry
Iván Abreu
Jason Nelson
Jeremy Bailey
John F. Simon Jr.
John Klima
John Sanborn and Kit Fitzgerald
Jorge Castanho
Ken Rinaldo
Left Hand Rotation
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Martinho Costa
Mary Flanagan
Natalie Bookchin
Nicholas O’Brien
Nuno Lacerda
Pedro de Andrade
Peter Kirby
R. Luke DuBois & Todd Reynolds
Regina Frank
Rodrigo Gomes
Silvestre Pestana
Sophia Brueckner
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things
Tiago Loureiro
Tony Conrad
Tony Katai
Victoria Vesna
Yael Kanarek
Yoshi Sodeoka
Yucef Merhi
Zannah Marsh
Zoe Beloff


1938 – Johanna M. Beyer – Music Of The Spheres
1939 – John Cage – Imaginary Landscape No. 1
1952 – Otto Luening – Low Speed
1955 – Hugh Le Caine – Dripsody
1956 – Louis & Bebe Barron – Forbidden Planet: Main Titles Overture
1958 – Edgar Varèse – Poème électronique.
1959 – Raymond Scott – Cindy Electronium
1964 – Reginaldo Carvalho: Piano Surpresa nº1
1967 – Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples of the Moon
1968 – David Tudor – Rainforest
1968 – Jacqueline Nova – Oposición-Fusión
1975 – Laurie Spiegel -Clockworks
1976 – Pauline Oliveros – Bye bye butterfly
1977 – John Chowning – Stria
1980 – Alvin Lucier – Music On A Long Thin Wire
1980 – Suicide – Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne
1993 – Reed Ghazala – Father Peyote, Guiding Light
1996 – Sukia – The Dream Machine
1997 – Amon Tobin – One Small Step
2000 – Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away
2001 – Matmos – Spondee
2002 – Kid 606 – mp3 killed the cd star
2003 – Los Fancy Free – Electric Punk
2006 – Venetian Snares – Swindon
2007 – Ricardo Villalobos – Baile
2009 – Nicolas Jaar – El Bandido
2010 – Wiliam Basinski – melancholia ii
2012 – Akufen – Chocolate, Strawberry, Ice Cream Cone
2014 – Deru – 1979
2016 – Loscil – Drained Lake
2017 – Jlin – Black Origami
2018 – Tim Hecker – Rose Light


I would love to host all the following authors below and their works in one big opening in Lisbon. If not in real life, at least sharing their art and thoughts through screenings and online interaction. We have scarce resources. I hope you accept my invitation notwithstanding.

If you feel uncomfortable seeing your name, writings, and/or artworks mentioned, quoted, reproduced or shared in this private blog please let me know. I will withdraw all your stuff or related to you in case you feel abusive my mentioning of it. Thank you.

As an artist playing God, I should say that I have the curatorial obligation to, at least, point all the new art fest ’18 visitors to a much greater demographics that were and are involved in digital art creation from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

This year’s festival, by its definition, refers to at least four hundred artists, maybe much more. That’s the consequence of dealing with immaterial stuff like bits and bytes and raising the question of how to deal with a form of art that is unstable and stored in databases, servers, and online clouds. Just think about the number of agents (artists, writers, PhDs, technologists, software writers, designers, activists) inside the twelve repositories/websites that I’ve chosen to illustrate the unexpected and still obscure dimension of online art developed since 1994 in the American continent.

Not before a serious effort begins to address the complexity of this post-contemporary art emergence, all selective criteria adopted to show artists and artworks seem to be inappropriate. There are no museological criteria in place so far, as there is no market to speculate about online art values yet. Trade uneasiness to deal with most of the new media art is a consequence of Walter Benjamin’s condemnation of art in the age of reproducibility. I might say though that before some software platform like Blockchain may certify the integrity and ownership of online art, the task of classification, description, and evaluation of what has been already created and generated seems devoted to deception.

The idea of scarcity when we talk about contemporary or post-contemporary art is a mystifying one. What we really have is too much subjectivity and too much art.

Shortening the demand to some happy few, as well as castrating curatorial criteria are not intellectually acceptable decisions. Electronic immersion dispises propaganda and overcomes censorship and manipulation by its inherent properties. Beware, speculators of all time!

Curating a show called America online | net generation, about online art in America, is above all a meta-language about the facts of life and art in the computer age. The following is but a sample of hundreds of so many good artists and artworks born of the age of information.

Gazira Babeli. Second Soup. You love Pop Art - Pop Art hates you
Scripted cans, May 2006 [Gazira Babeli homepage]

A growing population of new media artists

Addie Wagenknecht [TNAF16]
Adriana Sá & John Klima [H]
Alexandra Cárdenas [TNAF16]
Amalia Ulman [H] [I] [The Privilege] [Why a Pigeon]
Amy Alexander [H] [5pm (1995)] [PIGS]
Ana Fonseca [I] [MPA]
André Sier [H] [Tw]
Angie Waller [H] [How to Look at Artist Networks]
Anita Fontaine [H] [V]
Antoni Muntadas [The File Room]
Antonio Mendoza [H] [TOTAL, 2003]
António Bezerra
Arcángel Constantini [H] [Arcangel Surfware]
Brett Stalbaum [Transborder Immigrant Tool Test Walk by Mark Marino] [EDT]
Brian Mackern [H] [Temporal de Santa Rosa, 2002] [Interferencias Chamánicas, 2001]
Bruce Sterling [W] [IA] [Beyond the Beyond]
Cat Mazza [H] [microRevolt] [Knitoscope Testimonies]
Charlotte Moorman [Bradford Bailey on Charlotte Moorman]
Cindy Sherman [I]
Claire L. Evans [H]
Cory Arcangel [H] [W] [Super Mario Clouds]
Christian Oyarzún [H] [Flag, 2008]
Ciro Múseres [H] [Yes We Are, 2008]
Daniel García [H] [Tomb Gallery, 2001]
Daniel González Mellado [H] [Las Naciones]
Danny Casale [TNAF17]
David Blair [Wax or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees (85:00, 1991)]
Deep Lab (by Deepseed media) [TNAF16]
Eduardo Navas [H] [Net Art World 1.0, 2003]
Eileen Yaghoobian [TNAF16] [Die Young, Stayed Pretty]
Emanuel Dimas Pimenta [H]
EDT 2.0 [W]
Eric Riel & Michelle Riel [Telesthetic Communis, 2001]
Gary Hill [H] [W] [Air Raid,1974]
Gilberto Prado[H] [Desertesejo, 2000]
Giselle Beiguelmann [H] [Museu dos [Corpos] Invisíveis, 2016]
Golan Levin [H] [Moon Drawings, 2015]
Gustavo Romano [H]
Helen Thorington [W] [IA] [Turbulence]
Ian Cheng [H] [W] [JSC]
Ideal Spaces (Ulrich Gehmann, Matthias Bühler et al.) [H]
Irit Batsry [H] [These are not my images (Neither there nor Here), 2000] [Traces of a Presence to Come (Part III of Passage to Utopia), w/ Soundtrack by Stuart Jones, 1985-1993] [Cinematic Palimpsests 1, 2018]
Iván Abreu [H] [Meridiano, 2012] [Similitude, 2011]
Jeremy Bailey [H] [FNMAPO] [The Web I Want (2015)] [ (2018)]
Joe Davis [W]
Jon Rafman [H] [W] [Dream Journal 13 June 2016]
Jonas Mekas [Diary, 2010-] [365 Day Project, 2007]
John F. Simon, Jr. [TNAF16] [iClock, 1999-]
John Klima [H] [The Great Game, 2001]
John Sanborn and Kit Fitzgerald [A Tribute To Nam June Paik, 1982]
Jud Yalkut [W]
Julia Scher [H] [ada web] [W] [SFOMA]
Ken Rinaldo [TNAF16] [Continuous War Train, 2018]
Keneth Goldsmith [W] [UBUWEB]
Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz [Satellite Arts Project, 1977]
Lauren McCarthy [H] [p5.js]
Left Hand Rotation [H] [BH 120: Belo Horizonte, 120 Anos de gentrificação, 2017]
Liz Solo [H] [the machine] [The Wide Sky]
Lynn Hershman Leeson [H] [Tania Libre]
Manuel Leiria [Murmúrio, 2018]
Mariam Ghani, Rob Durbin, Ed Potter, Chitra Ganesh [How Do You See the Disappeared? A Warm Database, 2004]
Mars Argo [H] [T]
Mark Amerika [H] [Grammatron]
Mark Tribe [H] [Posse Comitatus]
Mary Flanagan [H] [Borders, 2010]
Micha Cárdenas [Blog] [Inteview by Mark Marino]
Michael Naimark [H] [W]
Minerva Cuevas [] [Mejor Vida Corp.] [W]
Miza Coplin [TNAF17]
Natalie Bookchin [H] [Now he’s out in public and everyone can see, 2017]
Morehshin Allahyari [H]
Nam June Paik [W]
Natalie Jeremijenko [W] [NYT] [V]
Nestor Siré and Julia Weist [17. (SEPT) [By WeistSiréPC]™]
Nia Burks [H]
Nilo Casares [H]
Norman White [H] [Artworks] [W] [The Helpless Robot] [TFR scheme]
Paúl Rosero C. [H] [Audiopoiesis] [Dark Paradise]
Peter Kirby. [Binary Lives *Steina & Woody Vasulka, 1996]
Poppy [YT]
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer [H]
Regina Frank [H] [W]
Ricardo Dominguez [H] [W] [EDT]
Ryan Trecartin [W] [V]
Rodrigo Gomes [W]
Sarah Bahbah [H]
Seth Price [T] [Ti] [Organic Software] [Distributed History] [Soundcloud]
Shawné Michaelain Holloway [H] [T] [I] [B]
Silvestre Pestana [COR_DOR, Brasil 2018, Poema Avatar gif, 2018]
Sophia Brueckner [H] [Code That Sings Itself, 2011] [Captured by an Algorithm (2012 -)]
Stacy Horn [H] [Echo NYC]
Steina and Woody Vasulka [W]
Stephanie Rothenberg [H]
Stuart Brand [T]
Tara Kelton [TNAF16]
Titanic Sinclair [H]
Tony Conrad [W] [Music and the Mind of the World] [Bryant Park Moratorium Rally]
Tony Katai [H] [I] [Before Never, 2018] [Tripled, 2018]
Victoria Vesna [H] [Bodies © Incorporated, 1993] [Noise Aquarium, 2016 -]
Yael Kanarek [World of Awe]
Yucef Merhi [H] [Quetzalcoatl, 2012]
Woody Vasulka [W] [No. 25, 1976]
Zoe Beloff [H] [Emotions Go To Work, 2018] [Glass House, 2015] [The Days Of The Commune—a street production of the play by Bert Brecht (1949), 2012] [Beyond, 1995, 1997, 2009]

Deep data art’ chives

YouTube nonstop

Vivian Villanova [Chris Burden] [Hélio Oiticica] [Annie Sprinkle] [Robert Mapplethorpe] [Franscesca Woodman] [Tunga e a Sexualidade] [Louise Bourgeois] [Ana Mendieta] [Guerrilla Girls] [Frida Kahlo] [Andy Warhol]