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Sintra: 30,000 inhabitants. More than 3 million tourists per year.

A documentary by Left Hand Rotation, on Sintra. Magical attractors, and tourism.

Paganism is the only open-minded way to see and feel the truth without submitting it to spoken words. Anti-tourism (I have realized that this idea of mine is a spin-off of Anti-Fragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb) is not an accusation against tourism, even less a condemnation of it and of its inherent gentrification processes, but a tentative way to make its victims—humans and sites— more resistant to unwanted but also unavoidable side effects provoked by speculation and mass movements as such.

Antonio Cerveira Pinto


Give me a wild nature whose glance no civilization can endure.
Henry David Thoreau

What the authors say about Fascínio

Fascinados pelo final do mundo conhecido, pelos segredos escondidos nos subterrâneos, uma multidão aproxima-se de Sintra. Os rastos das suas vivências inundam um destino prestes a colapsar e colocam-nos perante o dilema. Continuar a gerir a demora do inevitavel? Ou penetrar na serra? Quem acreditar no seu mistério, encontrará na novidade do que é muito antigo, caminhos esquecidos, a fuga ao eterno retorno.

Fascinated by the end of the known world, by the secrets hidden in the underground, a crowd approaches Sintra. Towards a destination about to collapse, the traces of their experiences pose a dilemma. Continue to manage the delay of the inevitable? Or penetrate the Sierra? In the novelty of what is very old, whoever believes in its mystery will find forgotten paths and the escape of the eternal return.

Fascinados por el final del mundo conocido, por los secretos escondidos en los subterráneos, una multitud se aproxima a Sintra. Los rastros de sus vivencias inundan un destino a punto del colapso, y nos colocan frente al dilema. ¿Continuar gestionando la demora de lo inevitable? ¿O penetrar en la sierra? Quien crea en su misterio, encontrará, en la novedad de lo que es muy antiguo, caminos olvidados, la fuga del eterno retorno.

Left Hand Rotation, 2018

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  1. We respect the opinion expressed in this blog about our documentary FASCÍNIO, but Left Hand Rotation ollective does not identify at all with the anti-tourism concept. In our opinion, it does not reflect the complexity of the dilemma addressed in this work. There is a big difference between tourism and turistification. Left Hand Rotation collective does NOT declare itself anti-tourism, but rather reflects on the negative impacts of tourism on the spaces we inhabit.


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