Utopia & gentrification

Constant. New Babylon Paris (1963)

This afternoon @ Ordem dos Arquitectos, SRS

Saving the cities of bankruptcy and ruin caused by their excessive indebtedness, by the pattern of consumption that has dominated them in the last 50 or 70 years, and now also by the increasingly acute effects of climate change, is an almost utopian design today. However, this is still a bitter irony, as in face of municipal and central governments with less generous fiscal resources, real estate investment and financial speculation with rents, as it happens, cause collateral damage in cities in the very same process of helping them out of crises. Utopia & Gentrification may be two poles of an old and persistent contradiction.

Greenbelt around Greater Tel Aviv, Physical planning of Israel 1948-1953

Opening address

João Menezes Sequeira, Vice-President of OASRS


António Cerveira Pinto, Artistic Director of TNAF

Panel discussion




FABIANA PAVEL, Ph.D. Arq., FAUL, Lisboa.

JOANA BRAGA, architect and researcher. Her current practice is centered on participatory processes engaging informal settlements in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

JUNIA FERRARI, Assistant Professor at UFMG – The Federal University of Minas Gerais, Escola de Arquitetura, Belo Horizonte.

MATTHIAS BÜHLER, MSc Arch ETH Zurich. CEO, Founder of vrbn.io
Went from architecture to product engineering in the Esri CityEngine development in Zurich. He then continued as CityEngine consultant, worked in film production [ VFX ] and then started his own 3d city planning and 3d environment modeling consultancy, ‘vrbn’.

ULRICH GEHMANN, MHist, Karlsruhe, is the founder and member of the management board in the Ideal Spaces Working Group. Background: Humanist education; career in management and government consultancy; history, anthropology.

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