Maker Art is a new section @ The New Art Fest. Artists, scientists, technologists, Ph.D. students, tech companies have a new meeting point in Lisbon to chat, show and do art business.

Ken Rinaldo is an American sci-artist that will be showing @ the Fest for the third year in a row. Welcome, Ken!

Ruth Burke cuddling with a Suckle Bot by Ken Rinaldo

The Suckle Bots are a series of cuddly robots about the size of a human fetus.

As with all mammals they have multiple nipples and are intended as chewelry for adults. While motherhood is known to change your brain in childhood and is considered the central physiological act it is also known to literally alter our brain both structurally, functionally and neurologically.

Breastfeeding babies and mother are sometimes called a dyad, where two individuals are attuned to each other and can be thought of as a unit.

Scientists have referred to this as ‘limbic regulation’ as it is a remarkable natural phenomenon whereby the mother and (now father) can neurologically and chemically be in sync with their artificial Suckle Bot.

The San Francisco University brain plasticity expert Michael Merzenich has researched breastfeeding as a form of breakdown of identity, for a child (and now robot) and mother/father that can irreversibly alter the brain.

They are created with a soft latex pink rubber and feel like human skin.

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